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We Identify the Best Candidates in the Market, Not On the Market Apex Med Search

Twenty years ago, we recognized there was a need in our industry. Medical device sales, Healthcare IT, research and development, clinical trial development and pharma were all areas where there was a demand for high impact contributors, leaders capable and driven to do more than those of the past. We have chosen to specialize in venture capital and start-up staffing, but our experience has made us a choice recruiter at every level. Our daily vision is to build a network to supply talent, which will ensure the future development of clients.

Apex Med Search is that network. We methodically select every one of the companies we partner with and every one of the professionals we present.We don’t use job boards. We take a personal approach to our selection process, ensuring not only the quality of every candidate but that any talent presented to our clients will be the right fit for their particular company culture and sensibilities. With extensive experience and knowledge of the healthcare and Healthcare IT industries, we can execute searches carefully but efficiently, providing the best possible talent with a time to hire, you can rely on.

If you are an expanding organization or an established company, let us be an extension of you. Our goals are your goals. Our knowledge of the market and the field provides a unique position, from which we can identify your strongest potential position. Together we can bring about real positive change.

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